7 Tips on How to Improve the Air Quality in Your Bay Area Home

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7 Tips on How to Improve the Air Quality in Your Bay Area Home

7 Tips on How to Improve the Air Quality in Your Bay Area Home

Now that Fall is upon us, you’re probably starting to feel the breeze getting colder. If the temperature is low, there’s a weird smell in the air, or your neighbor is doing a noisy DIY project, your natural instinct is to shut the windows.

Who doesn’t want to keep the nice, clean air inside the house, right?

The only problem with that is by keeping your shutters closed, you’re also turning your home into a sealed box of potentially harmful elements. If you want to keep your home’s air quality as clean and filtered as it can be, even with the windows closed, here are some tips to remember:

Keep Everything Clean

A clean house always equates to a healthier house. By maintaining proper indoor hygiene, you significantly cut down animal dander or dust that has accumulated on your furniture.  Vacuum your rugs and carpets at least once or twice a week to get rid of mold and dust lurking inside your home.

Let the Fresh Air In

Open windows from time to time, even during the cold months. By doing so, you drive away potential air contaminants sitting inside your house. Don’t forget to use fans to drive out cooking fumes inside the kitchen as well.

Invest in a High-Quality Air Purifier

Are you allergic to indoor allergens? If you can’t let go of your family pet and your allergies still won’t go away, now would be the best time to buy an air purifier. Placed in the most commonly used parts of your house, these devices help capture any air irritant that may trigger your symptoms.

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Keep the Plants Outdoors

7 Tips on How to Improve the Air Quality in Your Bay Area Home1Although some plants are believed to help indoor air quality, they are still allergy triggers for many individuals. A simple solution for this is to keep all greenery outside the home.

Redecorate Your Space

When the time comes to replace furniture, curtains, and carpets, consider how your new stuff will affect your indoor air quality. Do they harbor dust? Are they hard to clean?

Blinds are great replacements for curtains because they are not as much of a dust magnet. Hard floors are also better than carpets since they do not easily get dusty.

Have Your Appliances Checked

Hire a professional to check your appliances to make sure all of them are still functioning at optimal efficiency. Gas appliances—like gas ovens and boilers—should be regularly serviced in order to prevent them from leaking gas.

Keep the Humidity Low

Dust mites and mold spores quickly spread out when exposed to hot humid air. To keep them from multiplying, always be mindful of the humidity levels of your home. Opt for more cold showers instead of hot baths and only use a tumble drier if you’re in a rush.

Improving the indoor air quality of your Bay Area home is not as difficult as it seems. Just make sure your house regularly receives plenty of fresh outdoor air. Whenever possible, remove any sources of air pollutants inside your home to maintain a good circulation and balanced temperature at all times.

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