Air Conditioning Repair Tips 5 Signs Your Unit Has a Leak

Air Conditioning Repair Tips: 5 Signs Your Unit Has a Leak

One common issue that most air conditioning units have is refrigerant leaks. A cooling system that starts to leak refrigerant can cause different kinds of efficiency and performance problems. If those issues get worse, you might end up paying a lot for air conditioning repair. To minimize the possible damage caused by a refrigerant leak, […]

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air quality bay area Livermore

Tips to Improve Air Quality in Your Bay Area Home

With Fall upon us, you’re probably starting to feel the breeze getting cooler. If there’s a weird odor in the air, your neighbor’s DIY project is too noisy, or the breeze is too chilly, your natural instinct is to close the windows. Who doesn’t want fresh, clean air inside the house, right? But by keeping your […]

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