Air Conditioning Repair Tips All About Frozen Coils

Air Conditioning Repair Tips: All About Frozen Coils

As a homeowner, you’re likely to invest in an air conditioning installation to keep your rooms cool and comfortable. But what happens if a malfunction happens and you are suddenly left with a frozen air conditioner? One thing is for sure: you will need air conditioning repair to keep the problem from getting worse. Frozen […]

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Air Conditioning Repair Tips 5 Signs Your Unit Has a Leak

Air Conditioning Repair Tips: 5 Signs Your Unit Has a Leak

One common issue that most air conditioning units have is refrigerant leaks. A cooling system that starts to leak refrigerant can cause different kinds of efficiency and performance problems. If those issues get worse, you might end up paying a lot for air conditioning repair. To minimize the possible damage caused by a refrigerant leak, […]

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