How Often Should You Schedule a Heating Repair Contractor for Heater Maintenance

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How Often Should You Schedule a Heating Repair Contractor for Heater Maintenance

Every home needs an efficient heating system, especially during the cold season. Your gas furnace needs to be serviced at least once a year – ideally before winter time hits.

Why? Well, having your heater tuned up annually prevents different problems such as carbon monoxide poisoning, voided warranty, and higher-than-usual heating bills. Servicing your heater at least once a year will keep you from these unwanted issues.

To give you an idea of why getting annual heater maintenance service is important, here are some benefits from it:

1. Lower repair costs

Most heating problems become costlier when they are not addressed right away. Simple issues can become more serious if neglected. When you get a regular heating maintenance service, minor problems can be detected and fixed right away. The best thing about it is you avoid major and expensive repairs.

2. Safety

A fuel burning appliance that’s well-maintained and clean produces a small amount of carbon monoxide – which shouldn’t be a cause of concern because it is carried away by the venting system. However, a dirty or malfunctioning unit will likely produce higher levels of this poisonous and odorless gas, putting everyone inside your home in danger. This is why a regularly maintained heating unit contributes to the safety of your family.

3. Improved indoor air quality

How Often Should You Schedule a Heating Repair Contractor for Heater MaintenanceWell-maintained heating systems are free from contaminants that can include pollen, bacteria, dust, mildew, and pet dander. This leads to an overall better air quality inside your home. Your heating unit will be thoroughly cleaned by the technician – ensuring a good air quality in your property.

4. Comfort

A system that does not perform like it used to be can cause a major headache in every household. By getting your furnace serviced, you reduce the likelihood of leaky ductwork or reduced airflow. This means you’ll sleep better at night knowing your heating system is in tip-top shape.

5. Energy savings

If you skip your annual heating service, there is a higher chance of having a dirty and inefficient unit. The furnace will be forced to work harder than necessary to raise the temperature inside your home. Some of the tasks that will be performed by your technician during the maintenance service include airflow testing, visual inspection, air filter cleaning/changing, lubricating moving parts, checking electrical connections, to name just a few. Each task plays a role in the efficient operation of your furnace, which reduces energy usage and lowers your monthly energy bill.

6. Warranty

So what happens when you sign up for an annual heating maintenance service? According to many manufacturers, a proper service visit should be…

  • performed at least once every year
  • written and recorded in a log by both the client and contractor
  • more than just a visual inspection and address all manufacturer-recommended service tasks
  • handled by a licensed, insured and bonded HVAC professional

If the above requirements are not met, you risk voiding the manufacturer’s warranty for your heating system and repair bills could be substantially higher.

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